Snom EHS Advanced Electronic Hook Switch

In addition to the corded Snom headsets, wireless headsets are very popular in professional business environments like, for example, call centers.

The wireless headset adapter Snom EHS Advanced for controling wireless headsets is the bridge between professional VoIP telephony and professional wireless headsets.

The Snom EHS Advanced has an electronic hook switch that conforms to vendor-specific norms as well as to the DHSG standard, making it possible to accept calls on the headset itself.

When the phone receives an incoming call, the original ringing tone is signalled in the headset, and the call can be answered and terminated on the headset.

The snom EHS Advanced has been developed specifically for snom phones: the snom 300 ( MAC addresses 00041328XXXX and higher), the snom 320, 360, 370, 720, 760, 820, 821, and 870.

Whether you are using the adapter in large or small enterprises or in call centers - the newly won freedom of movement will pay off immediately.

Key Features
Product Description Snom Headset/Handset Switch
Product Type Telephone Headset/Handset Switch
Functionality Device that gives the user an easy method of switching between handset and headset operation.
Amplification No
Connections RJ12-RJ12
Y-cable 3x RJ12
3.5 mm TRS connectors


Jabra PRO 9400 (9460-25-707-101 , 9460-29-707-101 , 9470-26-904-101)
Jabra GO 6400 (6470-15-207-501)
Jabra GN9330 (9337-508-xxx)
Jabra GN9350 (9356-607-xxx)
Jabra GN9120 (9120-28-xx , 9120-30-xx , 9120-48-xx, 9129-808-111, 9129-808-101)
GN Ellipse (8837-90-xx)


Savi W710, P/N 83545-12
Savi W720, P/N 83544-12
Savi W730, P/N 83543-12
Savi W740, P/N 83542-12
CS530, P/N 86305-02
CS540, P/N 84693-02
CS510, P/N 84691-02
CS520, P/N 84692-02
Bundle MDA200+Voyager pro UC, P/N 87457-01

Manufacturer Part Number 0002362
Dimensions 70 x 41 x 23mm (L x W x H)
Weight 32g
Warranty 1 year warranty

Whats included :

  • Snom EHS Advanced Electronic Hook Switch
  • RJ12-RJ12 cable (snom 3xx/snom 820 phones & EHS)
  • RJ45-RJ12 cable (snom 821/snom 870 & EHS)
  • RJ45-RJ45 cable (EHS Advanced - GN Netcom/Jabra base station )
  • Y-cable 3x RJ12 cable (snom 320/snom 370 Expansion Module & EHS)
  • 3.5 mm TRS connectors cable (EHS - Plantronics base station)

If unsure of your exact requirements, please call the sales team on 01295 220 615 who will be able to advise you. Alternatively email us at

Snom Snom EHS Advanced Electronic Hook Switch

£66.00 (inc VAT)

£55.00 (excl VAT)

Normally delivered next day

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